This website describes about creativity, and from the research, it showed that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally.

There are 3 types of games, such as:

1. Word Games

Can encourage creative thinking of the students

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2. Visual thinking games

This game encourage visualization and also the use of an imagination for the students


3. Drawing games

Can create a new knowledge and can improve the creativity level of an individual.



Overall, this website gives so many information and delivering the value of creativity through articles, tutorial, resources, and inspiration. And the title “How to Enhance Creativity in School Children” is really suitable with the topic.




This second article is about 30 big ideas, trends and predictions for 2012 of the small-business owners nationwide. They plan to launch the information which can be useful for people who wants to take over the market in the year of 2012. As we can see from the article, Microsoft wants to make another product like Xbox Kinect. From what I see, mostly people like to use an online media, that’s why, by making an online business is a really good idea in 2012. Doing transaction by using gadgets, such as tablets, android, ipad, smartphone, and so on is really common. This is the best way to keep a good relationship between buyers and sellers, because their services should be incredibly awesome, with their marketing strategy that can attract buyer to buy their product.

From the survey, we can assume that mostly almost 80% of consumers prefer to shop through media online, because it’s more easy and practical, rather than they have to go far away from home to the shop. Also for franchise, it only requires low capital budget, but might bring the big advantages.

In U.S industry, more than 50 million smartphone and the tablets are dominating the country. And it could become the benefit for the company, because it is easy to buy or sell those gadgets. Even though the owners should pay extra for the end of 2012, but it is very useful and helpful for doing business


This website is very open for public, everyone can post their own post which is creative and unique. The website also have different variation in delivering the contents to the readers. it was founded in 2002 by Steve Hardy. Creative Generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources.


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