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Brightspot Market 2013 is held in Grand Indonesia Shopping Center in February 2013. This event itself is targeted for the youth generation. Because the kind of stuffs that were sold in this event is particularly for young people, like me, and my friends.

I’d like to visit this kind of event, because it is interesting, the place, the event, the products and so on. But last year i couldn’t attend the event because I wasn’t in Jakarta.

This event itself is divided into 3 zones. Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C, the more detailed map and booths will be in the picture below.



So, in my conclusion, this event is very crowded, it is suitable for young generation and the products are very cool! Brightspot market is really supporting people in their businesses, especially local brand, because there are many well-known local brands and a newbie local brands that participated in this event. It can help to build up the spirit of local people to continue their works and they can modified their works to become more innovative and creative.

Keep up the good works fellas!

Brightspot Market is ROCK!





Hi there, I’m gonna post a review from the event of IFW 2013.

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 is a successful and awesome event held in JCC, Senayan. Inside, we can see a fashion show, workshops, seminars and of course the exhibition of the fashion products! It is a very huge event, because there are many participants in this event. The participants mostly are the well-known brands, there are about more than hundreds brands that participated in the event, and also there are many designers and the models. Because it is a really big event, so this event itself is divided into 9 areas.

The fashion show of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 is totally cool! Even though I’m not really interested in fashion, but I can assume that the fashion show is cool from my point of view.


Enjoy Friends!



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